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Bell And Straight To Door China
Mar. 15, 2013 9:52 AM - [ post comment ]

That door phones are all partial ride back. At the airport, just to catch a flight to, the guests at the airport much more special, like a tidal wave of people feel bell. He is standing at the airport gate, crowded inside, there is no way to the east heart thunder three people. We are here wait a minute! Good! The east heart thunder three people promise. East heart thunder and high-strength consciously stood in front of the bell feel left and right rear, eyes flashing off and vigilance around a lot of passengers coming and going. Only li3 shuang3 standing beside bell feel, dancing, kept talking. Et out of it, the east heart thunder beside said. The east elder brother, let's go in! Grace! Boon? Bell, feel suddenly eyes a bright, said.

Wait a minute! Instead of to go inside the airport, he strode towards the direction of the front of the airport in the past. The east heart thunder stare blankly is three, all look at each other, don't know the east elder brother video door phone this is what to do. Bell and straight to a young girl to feel. About this girl in their early 20 s, beautiful, beautiful people, especially a pair of bushy eyebrows, oblique flying as temples to you look delicate and charming and with a pistol, really is attractive. She wore a casual, a casual, T, roughly the following jeans, at the foot of white sneakers, argue hair into a ponytail, full of student. Girl, slim, but take things a lot, boxes and packages, let alone a woman, even a strong man to take so many things will be very difficult. He pull the skin deep, one hand in the bag, hard to get out from the airport. Just then, bell came to feel, look at girl for a while, asked with a smile.

May I help you? Behind the east heart thunder confused blink eyes, in his impression, himself seems to have not seen this girl, he turned to ask Mr. Gao. Hadron, do you know her? High strength watch carefully for a moment, is blankly head, said in a statement. There is no impression. Look at li3 shuang3 say video door intercom.

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