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Locarno triathlon 2010
Sep. 15, 2010 12:21 PM - [ post comment ]
Thank you to all you generous VITAL supporters. Without you, I certainly would not be doing such crazy things!

After an unpleasant bike fall last summer & a sprained ankle earlier this year, there was absolutely no training whatsoever this summer for the triathlon. But I had to do it as there were six willing, able & enthusiastic “youngsters” excitedly preparing to raise funds for VITAL so I had no choice but to lead the team.

As D-Day approached, Aravinda said he would send out an email to all on his list & suggested I do the same with my list. I was reluctant, as how often can I ask my friends to donate? Mithra wisely mentioned that my friends would be only too pleased to support me in my crazy endeavours but more importantly, through these small gestures, people wouldl be inspired to help others and feel the emotional satisfaction that comes from giving.

Charitable giving strengthens confidence in oneself and faith in humanity.

I was inspired by all the sponsors that poured in. Thank you all once again.  If you still haven’t sponsored so far, here;s the link

If you have time you may like to read about the work VITAL does

and see the photos of the children where 100% of your donation goes to enhance their lives!/group.php?gid=100282115755&v=photos

Photos of the triathlon are here

Thank you all once again

Much love to all




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